Weekly Messages

Welcome to our Weekly Messages page.  Here you will find uplifting and encouraging sermons and teachings from the Pastors of our church.  We hope that your life would be changed through these messages!

Sunday Sermons

  1. Belt of Truth
  2. Breastplate of Righteous...
  3. Breastplate of Righteous...
  4. Fruit of the Spirit - Jo...
  5. Fruit of the Spirit - Lo...
  6. Fruit of the Spirit - Pe...
  7. Fruit of the Spirit - Pa...
  8. The Potter's House

Sunday School Lessons

  1. Ginger8716.mp3
  2. Ginger72416.mp3
  3. Ginger71016.mp3
  4. Ginger7316.mp3
  5. Ginger62616.mp3
  6. Ginger61216.mp3
  7. Ginger61916.mp3
  8. Ginger4917.mp3