Lead Pastor

Patrick A. Niemeyer, Lead Pastor
Email: pat@cfcsanger.com
Pastor Pat has been married to his lovely wife, Cindy, for 44 years. Pastor Pat and Cindy were both born in Sanger and grew up in the First Pentecostal Church of Sanger from which Calvary Fellowship Church (CFC) was started.  Pastor Pat and Cindy are both graduates of the International School of Theology, where Pastor Pat earned his Master of Divinity degree and Cindy, a Partners in Ministry Certificate.  Pastor Pat retired from the US Navy as a chaplain in 2014 and has been the Lead Pastor at CFC for 3 years.  Pastor Pat’s desire is for CFC to emerge as a church that is so full of the Holy Spirit that they would have a spiritual impact on our surrounding community, the City of Sanger, and the world.